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Stockholm offers many attractions and interesting places to see. We visit different places in Stockholm and write here on our website about what we have seen and learned.

Here you can find the places we have visited and written about. Please click the links.


Kungsträdgården in Stockholm Kungsträdgården is an oasis in the middle of Stockholm where many people come to eat, associate and relax. It's sometimes called the "Stockholm's living room" which is a good description... Read more about Kungsträdgården


start-drottningholm.jpg The Drottningholm Palace is an excellent excursion on Lovön in Mälaren. Since 1991, Drottningholm is in list of the United Nations' World Heritage and it was Sweden's first contribution to the World Heritage.Läs mer om Drottningholm


start-riddarholmskyrkan.jpg To visit Riddarholmskyrkan in Stockholm is to take part of Stockholm's history in a tangible way.

First is the fact that Riddarholmskyrkan is said to be the oldest and most well preserved building in Stockholm, which of course is special...
Read more about Riddarholmskyrkan


start-storkyrkan.jpg On the highest place in the Old town, between Stockholms slott and Stortorget, it has been a church since the Middle Ages.

It's believed that the first church was founded in the Birger Jarl's time in the mid-late 1200's. It was mentioned for the first time in 1279...Read more about Storkyrkan


start-skansen.jpg A visit to Skansen is like taking a step into the Swedish history. Here you can take part of the life as it was for ordinary people a couple of hundred years ago...Read more about Skansen