Stockholm tourist

Best about Stockholm

What do tourists that come to Stockholm for the first time think? We are curious and we ask people about their impressions of Stockholm.

First out is the family Sauter from Switwerland.


"We wanted to go to the northern countries for a long time. We had heard
that it is very beautiful. We also like the royal family of Sweden and saw
the wedding of Victoria and Daniel on TV. In Switzerland we don't have any
royalities so everything around this is very different to us and we like

We find Stockholm to be a beautiful city, especially since it is situated
by the water. We arrived here by boat from Helsinki. It was a fantastic
experience to have breakfast while looking at the scenery outside the
window, as we got closer and closer to Stockholm. We have never seen a
landscape similar to this. It was also fascinating to arrive by a huge
boat right in the middle of the city.

We find it fascinating how the different parts of Stockholm are located
with water all around them.

We appreciate the quality of the buildings here. It is obvious that they
are not built to last only for a few years but for a long, long time. We
didnt't know about any specific building before arriving here, but we
really like many buildings that we have seen, like Saluhallen in
Östermalm, Stadshuset and the buildings of the Old City. Tomorrow we will
visit the palace of Drottningholm.

Yesterday we visited the Vasa museum and we were really impressed by the
well built ship and the way it is preserved. We also found the museum
really well organized. It was easy to learn the fascinating story of the
ship and really get the most out of the visit.

Finally we want to say that Stockholm is a very clean city with friendly people."

Susanne, Heini, Stephanie and Claudia Sauter from Interlaken, Switzerland