Stockholm tourist

Stockholm photos

We very much like bringing our camera on our walks in Stockholm.

Here we share some of the photos that were born during our walks and explorations of Stockholm.

Nationalmuseum in Stockholm


Utrikesdepartementet i Stockholm


Gamla stan i Stockholm

The old city

Kaknästornet i Stockholm


Stockholms stadshus

Stockholms stadshus

Staty Evert Taube på Riddarholmen i Stockholm

Statue of Evert Taube at Riddarholmen


Gärdet close to Djurgårdsbrunnsviken

Porfyrvasen vid Rosendals slott i Stockholm

The porfyr vase at Rosendals slott

Rosendals trädgård i Stockholm

Rosendals trädgård

Blommor till försäljning vid Rosendals trädgård

Flowers for sale at Rosendals trädgård