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Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde

Waldemarsudde is situated on Djurgården. Since 1948 it is a popular art museum. It was Prince Eugen, who bought the property in 1899.


He asked the wellknown architect Ferdinand Boberg to design and build a new house to live and work in.

The castle-like main building was completed in 1905. Eight years later a gallery was built, also designed by Ferdinand Boberg.

Waldemarsudde - the gallery

Prince Eugen, who was called the prince of painting, was one of the most skilled landscape painters. He also collected works of other artists. The collections include fine art, sculpture and crafts.

There were a total of about 7000 works, many of which are on display at the castle and in the gallery on Waldemarsudde. After the Prince's death in 1947 he bequeathed everything to the state.

In the ground floor of the castle you find the private apartments. The living room gives an airy feeling with bright yellow wallpaper and large windows that let in much light.

Next to the parlor is the library and the flower room and in the joined floor are also the prince's kitchen where, during the museums opening hours is used for coffee breaks and lunch.

The middle floor, which was the prince's private apartment and a place where few people were admitted and the upper floor where his studio was, is now used for temporary exhibitions.

Prince Eugen was born August 1, 1865 and was the youngest son of King Oscar II and Queen Sophia.

His best known work is Molnet, Våren och Det gamla slottet (The Cloud, Spring and The Old Castle). Below a picture postcard of the painting Molnet.

Vykort av målning

Prince Eugen remained unmarried and devoted his life to painting and collecting art. In his extensive collection are works by Ernst Josephson, Anders Zorn, Carl Fredrik Hill and Isaac Grünewald.

In the garden near the castle is a beautiful sculpture garden with works by several contemporary great sculptors, such as Carl Milles, Carl Eldh, Christian Eriksson and Liss Eriksson.

Skulpturer i trädgården på Waldemarsudde

Prince Eugen died 82 years old and was cremated after his death. His urn was buried on the beach behind the "yellow house" as the prince had a summer home when he bought Waldemarsudde. The house, which still remain, now called the Old House.

Waldemarsudde - gula huset

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